Friday, February 27, 2009

Lace Edge - Attempt 2

I've had another go at the same edge as in the previous post. This time I put the picots in each time, but as the thread was different to the last sample, I changed the number of twists I used. I have learnt the hard way that I used too many twists for my picots, and with help from many on-line lace friends, the next ones will be better.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bedfordshire Edge 1 - My first attempt

Back in December, I set myself some challenges for 2009. One of these was to start learning Bedfordshire lace. My bobbin lace pillow had been laying idle for some time with a boring piece of black silk lace & I needed something to re-inspire me, and this type of lace did. So I have been busy finishing the boring piece so I could start my challenge.
The first piece is a little edge that teaches plaits & picots. I had not done either of these techniques before. There was also a footside, and I had not done one of these for a long time either, so there was lots of cobweb sweeping & lots of learning.
The above pic is my first sample. First I tried the plaits, and had to have help with the tensioning. When I got the thumbs up on my plaits from my lace group yesterday, I tried the picots. Now they were interesting, and definately need concentration. There are lots of mistakes, so I plan to do it all again in a different thread, with lots of concentration..
So if there are any lacemakers out there looking, I am definately open to any advice that you may like to offer.