Thursday, May 24, 2012

My New Scarf

This is my new scarf that I have just finished. It's soft, fine & warm, just what the weather is calling for today. It's cold & wet outside today & only 11 degrees, a far cry from the beautiful warm sunshine of yesterday.

But getting back to my scarf, it is made in a fine 2ply cashmere yarn from  Belisa Cashmere in Bundanoon. The pattern is a simple drop stitch one found at Frazzled Knits. It's the same pattern that I used to make this green one last year. It's amazing how  changing the yarn can make such a difference. This is what the pattern looks like close up.

Now to decide what next to knit? New gloves or a bag? I so want to do both!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fun With Blackwork

I have been having fun with a black-work pattern lately. The pattern is one that I created myself using  a photo as inspiration. I was planning on using the whole photo, but only managed a small part from it. The pattern would have been too large for the purpose of what it was being designed for if I had  used the whole photo.

This piece was started to test out the pattern & see where it would take me. I wanted to know how the motifs could interact with each other. As I stitched, I saw huge possibilities with pattern placement, colour usage, stitches to leave out, stitches to add in etc. That is the case with any pattern I guess. It's been fun though, & I have another two examples of the use of this pattern that I will show you further down the track. You will all just have to come back later to see what they are.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Top Done

This is another quilt for charity, a combined effort from myself & another lady. M******* put together the appliques, & cut & assembled the patchwork corner blocks. I have stitched the appliques, pieced the squares & added the borders. The design has come from a Patchwork & Stitching Annual magazine Vol 8 No 10. It still needs to be sandwiched with batting & backing, then quilted & bound. The progress of this quilt so far can be found here & here.  It has been made only from scraps, mostly poly cottons. I prefer 100% cotton for quilts  but I guess someone will love it no matter what it is made from.