Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Challenge Update

Back in November 2007 here I set myself some personal challenges for 2008. As it is getting on in the year I thought I would do an update.

Challenge number one was a wedding. I might add at this point that this challenge is totally consuming me. Progress is definately happening. More on this much later in the year.

Challenge number two was two quilts. Yes well, one is finished & is loved more than I can say, the other is still just fabric pieces and an idea. This has been postponed until all wedding sewing is out of the way.

Challenge number three was a piece of reticella. Well, those of you who are regular readers will know what happened to that piece. The end result can been seen here. I am, however slowly working on a creative piece of Reticella/drawn thread work using the fabric & thread pictured here. This piece is for a major project with the Stitchers Plus group that I belong to.

Challenge number four was the filet lace. Yey! Accomplished! Can be seen here. I really want to do some more but that also will have to wait until wedding sewing is complete.

Challenge number five was the TIF Challenge. Yes well, a girl can dream can't she? I signed up with all good intentions thinking it would provide some light relief in my stitching. Unfortunately, the wedding has totally taken over & this challenge has definately slid down the list. Maybe I might pick up where I left off sometime in 2009.

OK, so to keep a long story short, if there are no posts here for a while, that is because I am busy with challenge number one, the wedding.

By the way, the beautiful cat at the top is Lucky. I posted this pic of her because visitors to our home very rarely, if ever, see her. She is a little sensitive to strangers.