Wednesday, August 01, 2007

English patchwork

A few weeks back I joined another on-line group. This one is a quilting group & they are very social off list as well. I found out a little of-shoot of this group meet local to me so I have been along twice to join them for afternoon tea, lots of chat and some stitching.

This piece of English Patchwork is what what I started the last time I went. I need to start another project like I need a hole in my head, but who can resist? Now I am thinking " What am I going to do with this? Any ideas?


Mandy said...

It rather depends on the size of the pieces. Personally speaking, I have used bits of this style of patchwork as scatter cushions. Even though I was a really young novice sewer at the time, I found the cushions lasted for a very long time. (Much washed, they even survived the attentions of my daughters when they were toddlers.)
Alternatively, why not turn the piece into a project bag. I have a number of these cylindrical bags with side pockets holding my various projects and their associated essential bits and pieces. So useful when all I need to do is grab a particular bag and know I already have everything I need.

Nola said...

Just keep going until you've had enoug and then decide? A bag, a cot quilt, a queen-size quilt... it all depends on how soon you get tired of it!
Glad you're getting into the swing of the quilt list!

NormaH said...

I'm using a miniature version as a doll quilt.