Friday, February 23, 2007

Christine's Band

Band Round Robin

This is the band I have done for Miss Muffet's band sampler. MM has done the Wessex Stitchery at the top & I have done the Drawn Thread in purple.

My instant reaction when this arrived was that it needed orange. However, orange is not my favourite colour to work in & there was not quite the right shade in my stash. I did however have the same shade of purple, even if it was a thicker thread than I normally use.

I deliberated for some time whether to use this thicker thread and in the end decided to just go for it. I usually like to work in much finer threads that this. However I feel that this thicker thread has added some texture & contrast to the piece and also blends with what MM has done.

It will be interesting to see what other people add to it.


Christine said...

Jenny, thanks for posting the photo. Your band looks wonderful, and you may be correct about orange being needed. I'm sure someone else will read your comment and oblige. Cheers, Christine.

Margaret said...

Looks great Jenny. Your pulled work looks lovely (of course). I love the effect of the purple threads with pulled work.
Since my first band had orange, there will be at least one other band RR where you can try and stretch yourself by using orange:-)

NormaH said...

Jenny, I'm not crazy about orange either so what did I use for my background fabric pumpkin .... isn't that an orange? I do have a couple of pretty orangese, so we'll see when your sampler comes my way LOL

Marilyn said...

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