Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just A Snippet

At the end of last year, the Stitcher's Plus group that I belong to decided on a major project to celebrate our group's 10th birthday. I have been madly stitching trying to get my section ready on time. Two nights ago I finished all the stitching & now have some final decisions to make with the piece. The little piece above began here & is just a tase of what my section will be like. Yes, you will all have to wait some more to see the final product. What do they say? Patience is a virtue?


Christine said...

Jenny, I love your variegated thread buttonhole stitch, is that a silk thread? I'm discovering silk stranded threads again, I'd always throught they were difficult to stitch with. Maybe I've "matured" a little in my stitching habits, because I'm managing them a lot better lately. Hope you might be coming to Lace Day on Sunday, although it is a Long Weekend so we may be down in numbers?

Dianne said...

This is lovely Jenny, such a tease you are. The ladies Stitcher's Plus have done some beautiful work.
Really enjoyed seeing it all..

MargB said...

this is incredible - thankyou for sharing.