Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Patchwork

Just another "flower" block today. I figured out that I would need at least 50 of these if I want to make a quilt. M......, is that what I want? Not sure. I have plenty of scraps of fabric that I can use to make all these blocks, but I think I would get very bored very quickly. If it is going to be a quilt, then it is going to be a very long time happening. This is only the fourth one I have done. I need to re-think that one.
I am really only filling in time whith this patchwork while I get my next major project underway. I want to do another piece of Reticella, but the fabric I have chosen is different to what I have used before, it is much finer. So all the counting & graphing that I have done has to be re-done to fit the fabric, otherwise my spaces will not be large enough to fit the fillings in that I have chosen. I am in the middle of experimenting, but the piece of linen is patiently waiting for some fabric strips to be atached so it can be put in a hoop. Just something else to add to the "must do" list.

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