Monday, June 29, 2009

What If?

OK, so if I coud do a gumleaf in bobbin lace, what about a rose leaf? Down to the garden to pick a rose leaf to trace & prick. Wind some bobbins in burgandy Perle 5, combine with some left over already wound bobbins, and wallah! Now the creative mind is really racing. Better calm it down & get back to my Beds lace learning.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Lace Gum Leaf

This is the second gum leaf I have done in bobbinlace. As with the first one, the holes are deliberate. I played with swapping the bobbins around a little to get the colours to move around like they might in a real leaf. Looks much better in colour, don't you think? This one used a variety of threads too, perle 12, perle 8, linen, metalic machine thread ( horrible stuff). Yeh! All the linen thread is now off my bobbins & I have thoughts on how to use the green left overs.

I've spent the last two days sorting out my bobbin lace folder. I had lots of back copies of lace magazines that were taking up way too much space. I have pulled out all the "keep" pages, placed them in plastic sleeves & moved the remainder on. So now my folder has more space and all the patterns are easilly visible. Lots of inspiration & many hours of entertainment.

I wonder what will appear here next?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Practice

After the last little exercise in bobbin lace I still had thread left over on my bobbins, ( I am still trying to figure out what to do with all these little bits) so I tried another of the samples previously worked. This one included spiders, diamonds, and some rose ground. OK, so the diamonds I can handle, as long as remember the twists on leaving. The spiders didn't take too long to detach from their web, but the rose ground is another story. I think I need to find a pricking that has lots of rose ground so I can really brush out some cobwebs.
This one still has lots of joins in it like the last one, but is a little more respectable to look at & maybe a child would like it as a bookmark. I'll let our feeless lace leader decide if it is good enough to go with the rest. Maybe it will be one to pull out when we have run out. If it inspire some younger person to make lace then that can oly be a good thing.

I still have some of this linen thread left on bobbins, but I am going to use it with some other threads on something a little more creative. So come visiting in a few days time to see what comes to be.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Practicing

It was my local lace goup day just over a week ago & I had no lace on my pillow to take. Ooops! So I gathered together some bobbins that had some leftover thread, the spool of matching thread, some empty bobbins and a pricking that I had not worked in a long time. It was a sample piece from when I was having lessons a few years back and I thought that it would make a simple book mark to give away at our open day comming up. I needed the notes too as it had been quite a while. So armed with my bag full of goodies I toddled off to my lace meeting.
Did I say I took my notes? Of course I did, the problem was they were the wrong notes for the pricking I had taken. Mmmmmmm.......... that made me have to think didn't it! I worked it out though & here you see just part of the piece. There are lots of joins, ( consequence of using left over wound bobbins) a fringed end on one end & a bunched up lot of knots on the other. Definately not bookmark material, it will hit a dye pot at some stage and maybe go on a piece of crazy patchwork somewhere someday.
The upside is that I have bown out some more cobwebs regarding my bobbin lace.