Friday, February 07, 2014

Just a Little More Crazy

I am still going crazy.

There have been more of these crazy patchwork blocks to stitch & it has been an interesting exercise.

Not only is it brushing up on my surface stitching skills, (I prefer counted work)
my brain has had a little wok-out as well.
I know there are no rules to crazy patchwork, but when I  do it I like to work in some kind of order. Usually I put in some plain fabrics combined with the prints, I find it helps give the eye a rest.
Some of these blocks have got no plain fabrics, or in the case of the one above, only one tiny piece.
Then there were the seams, of which in some cases there were lots.
That meant there was lots of stitching needed to blur the seam lines. So instead I chose to use my stitching to cover large spaces quickly, add some focal points, accentuate colour, accentuate prints, create contrast, and somehow blur all those prints together. I think I did OK, and I am sure once they are all joined together the finished quilt will look fabulous.

It has been fun, but now I want to get back to my knitting and my beloved counted thread work.