Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some More Winter Warmers

Behold, another pair of gloves.

After knitting the last pair, and finding them so comfortable & warm, I wanted some more, in a different colour & style of course. I had been checking our local Lincraft store for some more of the same yarn, but it took a while to come in. When it did, I grabbed some more colours.

With this pair I didn't want the fancy lace pattern of before, I wanted to de-construct the pattern into a plain stocking stitch one, so then I could change it again to whatever I want. This is the plain stocking stitch version, with a little moss stitch cuff. I wanted to try out different cuff versions as I am not fussed with ribs. Although ribs are functional, I want something different.

My next pair will be different again. I will use this de-constructed pattern, but add in a little more style. So watch this space to see what's next!