Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Class changes

Today was certainly different. It was my first day back for a new term & there were 13 students in my class, the most in a long time. Now anyone who dress-makes, or sews, knows how much space we sewers need. So with 6 tables & 13 students can you imagine how cramped we were? They have promised me another table next week, (I would really like another two tables) so we will just have to see how we go.

They are also talking about changing the venue for the class. I know where this new venue is but I have not seen inside it. I need to check things like table space, power points, lighting, seating, whiteboards etc etc. There is plenty of parking, 2 minutes walk to a train station, & only 5 minutes drive from home for me. I think it might be a good move, we just have to wait to see what the students think. They don't get much of a say in the matter, but if they don't like it they won't come to class. The current venue is much more central for the district, but this new venue has plenty of advantages. The shops are even close by & if they run out of thread they can duck up to the shop & buy some. There is also talk of lengthening the class time which should be good.

The one dissapointing thing was that my Seniors class has been cancelled for good. It is a bit of a shame as it was the only outlet for some of these older generation. The class was supposed to be tomorrow & I only found out by accident that it was cancelled. I just hope they have rung all the students or there will be some very unhappy people tomorrow.

This has all happened because we have a new principal. It would be interesting to know how many other changes he has made in just 9 days of being in the job.


Dianne said...

Wow that is amazing this principal
will be sorry when he becomes a senior.. I hope the new places works out, plenty of tables for ya:):).. Lucky students to have Miss Magic Fingers for a teacher no matter where it is, I SAY......

Christine said...

Don't you just love it when the new bloke comes in and the "policy" changes overnight? Been a victim of that one myself. So sad for the Seniors though, as you said, that might be their only creative outlet ! Hope they can contact you direct, might be able to get the policy reversed with a bit of people power?

NormaH said...

I guess I should consider myself lucky as I teach seniors in the senior center.