Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Queen's Coronation

This is the second tin in my collection. It is one that celebrates the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, way back in 1953.

This tin was also owned by my Mother, I vaguely remember it as a child, and I think it may have housed her crochet work that she was working on at the time. In other words, it became  a work tin.

The original purpose of the tin was to house biscuits by Peek Frean (Aust.) Pty Ltd. Boy is that a blast from the past! I have not heard of them in years!  The sticker is still on the base of the tin, even after all these years. The biscuits included tea snacks, oranges and lemons, lemon puff creams, lattice, cherry ripe, pat-a-cake, caramel creamette, wheat crunch, cream wafer, krusta, dainty cream, honey snaps, shortcake, custard cream, and bourne-vita cream. This tin was before my time and half of those biscuits I have never heard of. I do remember dainty creams and honey snaps, and lattice biscuits and custard creams are still made today by another well known biscuit company.

A tin similar to this is also for sale on eBay. I's not got quite the same price tag as my  tin that I posted about yesterday, but it is still more than I expected.

So what have I got in this tin today? Embroidery threads of course, the more unusual ones of my collection. There are metallics, variegated threads, hand dyed threads, vintage silks, textured threads, and even some of my own hand dyed ones.

Another special tin of my collection be re-purposed and used.

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