Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teneriffe Trials

Teneriffe lace has been one of those things that "I must do one day". This is my first attempt, and I must say not bad for a first time, though I know there is room for improvement. I have read various sources as how to set it all up, and chose a method similar to needle-lace, pattern under contact, on top of two layers of calico, all set into a hoop. I wonder if I need to re-think that. This little motif is a little lopsided, and I have put that down to a few different reasons:-

1. Fabric not taught enough in the hoop. I did notice it getting slack over time and will need to watch that in the future.

2. My tensioning is too tight, always a problem with me & needleweaving.

3. Base spokes not set up correctly, something I have to watch.

4. Type of thread could make a difference. Why did I start with such a difficult one? A nice cotton would have been much better than this synthetic.

Well, the Teneriffe Bug has well & truely bitten, so watch this space for more trials.


Christine said...

Jenny, nice first attempt. Have you tried using a Teneriffe wheel? They have some in the Guild archives, made of leather with holes punched in to take the set up of the spokes. I'm sure you could do it on coreflute or heavy cardboard, or even template plastic. Then you don't need a hoop?
Thanks for showing us your work,

Guzzisue said...

Interesting and I'm impressed by your first effort :-)

mica said...

That's so funny - I just started playing with Teneriffe as well! What book/tutorial are you using? I'm going with Stillwell's "The Technique of Teneriffe Lace". I've been bitten by the bug as well - there is something very satisfying about completing a cute little motif like that.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Wow you have been busy. I've never heard of this type of lace and the daisy wheel scarf is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very good first attempt! I think a hoop would not be strong enough, though, to hold the fabric under sufficient tension. the needle-weaving really tightens the spokes of the wheel I poked pins into a slab of styrofoam for my first Teneriffe motif. You're right about cotton being easier to use than a synthetic. I tried doing Hardanger with a synthetic thread. The kloster blocks were okay but the needle-weaving was a nightmare.


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