Sunday, March 31, 2019

A Drawn Thread Needle Case - UFO Number 5

Another UFO finished! Actually, this one has been finished since February.

This little needle case started life way back in 2007 as a resist dye sample for my 'Summer Santuary' piece. Some drawn thread stitching and a hem of buttonhole stitch had been worked onto the sample, then it waited over 10 years before I found it again, stuffed in a cupboard, in a clean-up. 

 All that was required to finish it was some lining, some Dr's flannel, and a closure. 

So UFO number five is done and dusted. I wonder what's next?

Friday, March 08, 2019

A Reticella Bookmark - UFO Number 4

I found this book mark half done when looking for some fabric. It was in amongst all my scrappy, left over, even weave linen pieces. Just another UFO I had to finish! I had worked the buttonhole stitch, the satin stitch, and the four sided stitch, and there had been two cuts made ready to withdraw some threads. The piece was obviously meant for some reticella. It also came complete with threads and threaded needle!

It had been worked very close to the edge, and for reticella I needed a hoop. So I added some strips of calico so I could place it in a hoop to finish it.

It didn't take long to work the needle-lace filling, and it was good practice for working those bullion picots.I just needed to add a tassel, and a backing, and UFO number four for the year was finished! I have no idea how long it had been sitting there. I had began my reticella journey over ten years ago, so it could have been sitting there for that amount of time.

Anyway, it's finished now, and i have another pretty bookmark to use.