Friday, February 15, 2019

A Doily - UFO Number Three

UFO number three for the year!

This doily was given to me, along with quite a few others, about 12 years ago. All of them were un- worked, and were given to me by a student who had them given to her. At the time I just said thank you, and waited until I got home to have a good look. Mmm......... there were lots of them! Was I ever going to work them? Probably not, but I couldn't part with them. So I went through them, picked out the ones I really liked, and passed the others on.

This one is the first and only one I have worked. I worked it quite some years ago, it was my holiday project for a few years as I remember. According to the directions, it was supposed to be worked in yellows and oranges, but anyone who knows me knows that I like cool colours. So, I changed the colours to what I wanted. I finished the stitching, then promptly put it away to be finished later.

Last week I started to clean out my sewing cupboard. I must admit I didn't get very far, but I did throw some things out, redirected some things in other directions, and found not one, but many UFO's. Four of them managed to stay in daylight, one of which was this doily. All that need doing was to work the edge. So I went through my stash of threads, found two balls of donated 20 crochet cotton still in their plastic covers, cut the excess fabric off, and crocheted the edge according to the pattern.

So, my first doily in nearly fifty years has been finished. It's on beautiful linen, and very usable as it is. I tend not to use doilies very often, so this one is going to get put to another use. So come back soon to see what it turns into.

Friday, February 01, 2019

A New Needle Case

This little needle case started out way back in 2012! It began life as a sample of stitches for another piece I was about to do. It's been packed away since then, and I found it again by accident looking for something else.

It was all packed away with the threads I had been using to work it, and a little note to turn it into a needle case. So that's what I did.

I just had to find some Doctors Flannel, and some fabric to line it, both of which I had. I had an idea to make a twisted cord to add to the edge, but instead worked a back stitch around the edge in one of the colours used in the stitching.

It also needed a closure, so I made a little toggle out of some rolled cotton tape which then got covered in detached buttonhole stitch.

So another UFO is done and dusted. Watch this space to see which one is next.