Thursday, May 03, 2018

A Christmas Tin

Tin number eighteen in my collection is the latest tin I have bought, and one that seems to celebrate Christmas.

We were away on holiday towards the end of last year, on a day out to a country town to visit my elderly Aunt when I purchased this tin. I was always taught that when you go visit someone, to always take something, and had deliberated for a while what to take her. We had called into a local shopping center on the way to her home, looking for a bakery or florist shop with no luck. Instead we walked into a cheaper chain store and spotted all the pretty tins of biscuits that we out for Christmas, so I bought her a tin of chocolate biscuits.

It wasn't until we had left the store that I thought I liked this tin so much that I was going back to get another one for us.This is the tin that I bought for myself, it is different to the one I bought my Aunt, but along similar lines.

There is no information on the tin at all. At the time it was covered in a plastic wrap which was taped, so any information about the contents or date is long gone. I know I bought it late in the year of 2017, and I know it contained chocolate biscuits. I might add here that at the time, this tin sat in a very warm car while we went to visit my Aunt. Note to self, chocolate biscuits and very warm cars do not mix.

The tin is slightly rectangular in shape, 22 cm x 23 cm and only only about 4cm high. So now it is cleaned of melted chocolate, it is being used to hold some lace making supplies. Supplies that I need for my current lace-making project. Lace bobbins, threads, scissors, pins etc etc.

Just another pretty tin to add to my collection and be useful. I wonder what the next one will be.