Friday, May 04, 2007

More Shoe Bags

The last few days have been a little testy over the changes to my classes. So I have buried myself in my sewing room & stitched out another 4 shoe bags. I think that is about 10 now & when these are finished being made up I think that will do. They want about 18 of them but I am not sure if I want to do another 8. I still have to finish two pieces of my own work so I think I might try & concentrate on those pieces.

I'll probably get side tracked into something else though, like the "Sailing to Byzantium" challenge for one of the on-line groups I belong to.


Margaret said...

Really Jenny, how can you just drop a line like "Sailing to Byzantium" without telling us what it is. That is so unfair. I want details.
Margaret H

Nola said...

Thrilled to hear Byzantium is on your list. Oh, does this mean I have to do one too?

Dianne said...

The shoe bags are just so sweet and think of the 8 people who won't get a bag made from Miss Magic.. She says with a big grin:):)