Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A few days R & R

When we get a chance we often go away for short breaks up the coast to a wonderful place called Forster. We have just had 5 days away & even if it rained most of the time we still managed to get out a little bit. This is just a view of the channel between the lakes & the wide Pacific Ocean.

This fellow was very obliging & posed for lots of photos. There are lots of pelicans around & they are funny to watch when the fishemen come in. If they are not careful they will lose their catch to the pelicans very quickly!

Just three of the sunrises we managed to get up early to see! It isn't very often we take the time out to see the sun rise but I am sure glad we did these three mornings. I tried to get pics of a sunset too one day but we got chased by a shower of rain!

I'll say one thing for sure, this planet we all live on is truley stunning if we just take the time to admire it's beauty. We all have to take precautions to make sure it is still here for future generations to come.


Me said...

Beautiful photographs. Truly!

Dianne said...

Hey Jenny
I have been here 3 times and only had time to look.What beautiful pics, what a hammy little pelican.. I'm so glad you had a few days away we need that every now and then..I see you had my kind of weather(G)..
The sunsets are awsome, and you are RIGHT we do have a fantastic worl so many beautiful places.. If the men in power could only realize, all the land ,oil ect they are fighting over won't be around if they don't try starting to fix it.. Love the pics thanks so much fpr posting them....

NormaH said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous sunrises ..... loved the pelican also.

annetteb said...

My kind of photo's. Wow! Wish I had of been there. Annette