Friday, August 18, 2006

Dying Day for Major Work

I had another day of dying threads & fabric today. I took pics as well & once again I cannot get them to load into here. I have tried to resize, made sure I had JPEG files and nothing seems to work. Cyberspace can be so much fun but so frustrating at the same time. If anyone has any answers I would be happy to hear them.

The dying of fabric & threads today came about because my tutor helped me get over my technical glitches with my major work. If I had of bothered to look at her book (I do have my own copy!) I may have figured it out for myself. As it is, I have kept my original idea, the technical problem has been solved and I am now ready to put needle into fabric! Yipee! I now have enough fabric for the whole project and enough thread to sink a ship. I would still like more colours in the mix but I think they may be shop bought yarn.

E loved my design & the colours I dyed. Her compliments gave me that little bit more encouragement to believe in myself. So now I am off & running again!

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