Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well at long last I have finally got my pics of my dying up. I have been trying for over a week with one & over 4 days with the other. Talk about frustration plus! Now can everyone guess what colour my major work number two will be? it will be some time before the piece is finished.

I have however cut another piece of fabric today ready to make a skirt. All I have to do is turn the sewing machine on and I am in business! I feel much more motivated now that this is working again.Yippee!!!!


Dianne said...

I love these colors,greeny blues to me like ocean colors..
Oh man... all the probs with the pics I'g hate it LOL..
I have no problems with bloggers picture accounts. Well after 57 pics it said I had to stop for the day LOL..
I can hardly wait for the next project, all the work you do on them is amazing, Miss Magic fingers.

Tonniece said...

Hey Jenny

Glad to see you finally got the pictures downloaded. You are right, cyberspace is a great thing (as long as it is working properly),an not giveing us grief.
I know because mine was down for 31/2 weeks, and although it was a bit of a pain before it finally died on me, I was going crazy without it.
I too love the colors, they are like a breath of spring air.


blueflax said...

What kind of thread are you dyeing? And what kind of dye? They are beautiful.