Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Teneriffe Doiley

Behold! My latest finish! A Teneriffe lace doiley just for me!

This little doily was started because I wanted something to take to a lace meeting one day. I had already done one similar a few years back, but it had been made especially for a friend and had been given away. At the time it was the first time I had joined the circular motifs into a bigger piece, and I promised myself I would do another one for me.

So here it is, finished and complete! Made using DMC Cordonnet Special thread No 80, I have used the same sized wheel & base pattern as the previous one, just changing the weaving pattern within the wheels themselves. I have also worked scallops in detached buttonhole stitch around the edge to finish it off, where the last one I used a crocheted edge.

It has taken me some time, each little wheel takes about a week if I do nothing else. We all know I have been knitting.......... and stitching...........and knitting...........and stitching, so this little doily has taken over 12 months to complete.

Now I want to go bigger, something oval I think, just to be different. Watch this space!

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