Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Glove Experiment Finished

I have finished my gloves! An experiment for me, turning my Mothers old glove pattern that was knitted on two needles into one knitted on double pointed needles. They are a much better fit than the last pair, & no seams to sew up. Just lots of ends to work in because I changed colours. Why do they fit better? Well, for one thing I used the size needles that they said in the pattern instead of what was suggested on the yarn label. I also made the little finger a few rows shorter.

For an even better fit for the next pair, I think I will knit the little finger first next time & start it a few rows lower. Now I have worked out the stitches for each finger, it will be quite easy to knit them little finger first.

A little too warm for these gloves now, but at least they are finished & ready for next winter.


Linda said...

Jenny, they look great. I'll bet you are pleased you took the time to work it all out. You might need them on the weekend, it's supposed to be getting cold again after this little change that brought hardly any rain to us!! I like the multi-coloured wool you've used, is it sock wool??

Emmely Machteld said...

Now I want to learn how to knit, it looks adorable!

tenar said...

Hey, good to see I'm not the only stitcher bitten by the knitting bug! I adore any handknit cloves, I've done it only twice and the fingers drove me crazy