Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Glove Experiment

Back in June when the weather was cold I made an effort to knit my first ever pair of gloves. At the time I followed the pattern, changing only the yarn and needle size. The end result were these, complete with seams up each finger and one side of the hand. I declared then that my next pair were going to be without seams, & knitted on 4 needles.

So behold my 4 needle glove experiment. I have used the same pattern as before, just adapting it to 4 needles. So far so good. Then one day at a lace meeting, (which has been combined with a knitting group), someone had a book on knitted gloves which they had borrowed from the library upstairs. In this book it mentioned about knitting the little finger first if it was set lower into the hand. My pattern knits the index finger first. When I looked at my own hand I found that my little finger is set a good 1cm lower than my other three fingers. Mmm.......... what to do.

To knit from the little finger first I will have to sit with my pattern & really work it out. To knit  the index finger first, I think it will only be a little bit of adjusting the pattern, not so much thinking. Something I will have to sit in perfect quiet to do no matter which way I turn.

This pair of gloves is using remnants of the same red yarn as my previous pair, as well a a variegated yarn, both wool. Way too hot for gloves now but something else I want to get finished ready for when the cold strikes again in about 8 months time.


Jeanne said...

My little finger is lower too, by quite a bit. The glove is looking great!

Linda said...

Hope it works out for you Jenny, good luck. My little finger is much lower on my hand too. I'd never have thought to even look!! I'm knitting, as I know of babies due just prior to winter 2012.