Thursday, June 02, 2011

New Gloves

Behold, my new gloves! This is a first for me, to knit gloves that is. I always looked upon them as too hard.

The yarn is a red Merino Bambino 4ply by Cleckheaton, an Australian Pure New Wool . The pattern is one of my Mums, Patons Classic Book 50, possibly from around the early 1970's.

Besides the yarn & the needle size, I have knitted them to the pattern. The pattern was for a 4ply using a slightly smaller needle size than that listed on the label of my yarn. I opted to use what was suggested on the label.

When I knit my next pair, I will change the pattern slightly. The fingers are a little long, especially the fourth or little finger. I could do with a good 1.5cm off the length. I found this a little surprising as my own fingers are quite long.

As for the actual knitting, the only tricky part was at the base of each finger. The yarn had to be joined in, stitches picked up, knit part way, turn & cast on, all in a few short rows. I found I had to really concentrate for this small section. The rest was easy.

Now I have made one pair, I will quite happily make more. These are much warmer than my commercially made pair. I am on the lookout though for a 4ply pattern on circular needles as I am not fussed with the seams up each finger on this pair. I am also not fussed with the way the finger tops are finished. The next pair though will be a little more creative than plain stocking stitch. I'll see what I can find.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

They look toasty warm! My friend Denise knit the Norwegian wedding gloves that were in PieceWork magazine a while back. I know she had a lot of fun knitting them. I think I'll leave the gloves to the two of you, and I'll stick to mittens!

Jeanne said...

I am totally impressed. They look amazing!

Christine said...

Gee Jenny, they look great. Does that mean you're expecting a really COLD winter in Sydney? My own leather gloves get worn very little as I usually "hibernate" in the Wintertime. I knit a little so I can really appreciate the time and effort gone into these.
Christine, in Sydney where the sun is actually shining today !

Linda said...

The gloves turned out really well Jenny. I don't recall ever knitting gloves, but I think I have some old Patons and Baldwins books with the patterns in. Thanks for sharing the fun with everyone, and hope the next pair will be your 'custom size'. Weather up here is beautiful today, Tuesday was a shocker, under 10° all day.........