Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My blue scarf is finished, just in time as the weather is wintry today. Cold, showery & windy. I really wanted it a little longer, but when I went back to buy another ball of the same yarn there was none left. I guess it doesn't need to be super long as the ruffles are enough to come up my neck & keep it warm. No need to wrap around, it would be too thick for that, and it's long enough to tuck into a coat neckline.
It rolls into a little ball for storing and I just love the picots along the edge, super easy. This one is made in a cheap acrylic yarn, not something I am particularly fond of, but it is warm & will serve a purpose.


Margaret said...

Lovely. Though we are here in the 90s now, so I can't really appreciate the idea of warmth. I love the picots too. And the rolled up photo looks very pretty. You could knit it in very fine thread and create a rose - just thought you needed another challenge :-)

Linda said...

What a lovely scarf Jenny. I found a pattern for something similar [in a newer knitting magazine] and thought I'd like to make something like this one. I thought it would be a matter of 'turning' to make the ruffle. I hope it helps with that cold wind coming up from the south. Cheers.