Friday, June 03, 2011

The Hippo Quilt

My local sewing group is sewing for charity. This little hippo quilt is one of the many that are being made. The center features a cute little hippopotamus stitched in pinks, blues, mauves & black. It is a digitised design & has been stitched by another lady in the group. Other mebers have added scrap fabrics to the edges to turn this into a delightful little quilt.

For my part, I added the bind. I like stitching binds, especially creating the mitre in the corner.

A sick little girl should be happy to receive this.


Linda said...

How very cute Jenny. I love seeing these little quilts. I am a binder too, love doing the finishing on things. These are such worthy gifts, your group is to be commended for it's generosity.

siobhan said...

Hi Jenny, your little quilt is beautiful :)