Friday, September 16, 2011

My Feather & Fan Scarf Finished

My feather & fan scarf is now finished & ready for next winter. Just in time too as the weather is really warming up already & my hands were starting to sweat on occasions.

I've knitted feather & fan patterns before but not as a scarf. If ever I do another one I'll think about the pattern more. I'm really not happy with the ends looking different & am not quite sure what I could have done about it. I could perhaps have started in the center, knitted one way then the other, but I am not sure how that would have looked at the cast on area. Maybe a few rows of garter stitch would help & I am sure there is a method of casting on that will let you knit two ways.

I guess I could also  start two ends separately then graft them together in the center. At least then I would end up with two wavy ends the same with the pattern going the same direction when the scarf is being worn. Mmmm........... food for thought.

Note to self:- make notes on my pattern, practice some grafting, & research cast on methods.

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Linda said...

Hi Jenny, I like the scarf, but I can understand what you mean. I did something similar, but cast on twice, then grafted the centre. That worked really well, and I'd consider doing it for all really noticeable one-way designs. F&F is a great pattern, but it does tend to take you by surprise with counting, and I really don't know why. I've encountered the same issues in the past. Cheers.