Monday, September 19, 2011


I had such a fun day on Saturday with my creative stitching group. One of the girls led us though a discussion on colour with some exercises to follow. I chose to use a pic from a food magazine & picked out the colours using some coloured pencils. I'd seen this done before of course but had never actually done it myself. I'd always seemed to miss out on this step in my colour choosing before. Later I matched up my colour swatches with some thread & fabric colours. It would be so interesting to play with these colours in a series of stitching exercises, where the colours are moved around from background to stitch, using different proportions of each colour in each stitching exercise. for thought!


Linda said...

Hi Jenny, it's so much fun playing with colours isn't it. Your choice of picture is a good one too. I seem to be seeing food everywhere on my blog crawl today, and I've only finished my yoghurt. Thank goodness I've got the apple to go yet!! I like so many colours, yet like things in one colour too. I had fun with the colour theory part of the SS course I did - very interesting.

WeldrBrat said...

I can't even focus on the colors. I'm too busy wondering what's on the plate! LOL It looks scrumptious!