Monday, May 28, 2007

Knotted lace

I just have to share my excitement!

Today I went to my local embroidery group & when I arrived there were a group of women gathered around the back table, so I went to see what they were all looking at. One lady was in the midst of laying out a carry bag full of household linen onto the table so I asked her where it had all come from. The story went that all the linen had come from her neighbour who was moving & all the linen was for sale. As she was talking, the above piece caught my eye so I asked the question of "How much?" The reply came back "50c or $1" . The piece above was instantly mine! along with another three of similar workings & two filet crochet corner handkercheifs!

I have heard of knotted lace, I even posess a book on how to make it, but I have never actually seen a piece! This had made my day!

The story continued that the lace was hand made by the neighbour's elderly Greek aunt who is still living, so I have asked that the message be passed on that it has gone to a very welcome home to sit behind glass!


Nola said...

Wow, it's beautiful! Obviously right place, right time. I wonder if the elderly Greek lady will understand why you would want to put it under glass?

Margaret said...

Lucky you. I checked it up close and it is funny how some of the areas look a bit like macrame, but much more refined!

Mandy said...

What beautiful work! You were so lucky to find this.

larin said...

Everything you do is always so lovely, Jenny. I am amazed at your skills and your patience! Beautiful! --LaRinda :-)

larin said...

BTW, You're it!

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MargaretR said...

That is a lovley piece of lace Jenny. My mother used to make some similar ones, but she was not a hoarder like me and they have all gone. I have very little of her work unfortunately.

Eva said...

Jenny, my mother used to make this Knotted lace. She made dollies, table cloths and embilished many a garment with it. She tried to teach me but I never learned. Now she is gone and I have a book written by Elena Dickson from your country, showing how to make the lace. I used it to take an old piece and make is into somthing for my neice on her communion.

agne said...

I found your blog through the google, as some days ago I finished a round tablecloth in this technique and was looking for some patterns :)
This technique is really amazing and very simple ;)
Nice piece you found!

you can see mine here:

Couch-CROCHET-Crumbs said...

hi jenny! love the blog, and love that we're both from Australia! I make this sort of lace and have been for a while, my partners mother who is Turkish taught me this lace and now most of my crafting is dedicated to it. You can check out my OYA lace escapades at my blog if you like