Monday, June 18, 2007

Tagged !

I have been tagged ! I wondered how long this little game would avoid me! Thanks to Larinda, here goes.

I am a water girl, love to sit beside it, look at it, listen to it, splash my feet in it, you get the drift. Anything from the ocean, water-falls, lakes, rivers etc. My favourite is the beach, I love to sit on it, lay on it, walk on the sand, dabble my feet in the waves, & search for the wildlife that live near-by.

That being said, rain is one of my my least favourites. Most of the time I find it depressing. I can cope with one or two days of rain in a row but by the third day I am climbing the walls! I think it has something to do with my low levels of vitamen D! But I do so love the sound of rain falling on a tin roof! ( a memory from my childhood)

Thunderstorms are my nightmare. Ever since I was a little girl I have been frightened of them. I have tried to overcome my fear a few times but each time I have got caught out, once in the car with a screaming 2 y/o in the back seat & hail pounding on the roof of the car! Though once they have passed over me, or prooved they will not come near me, I can watch the lightning for hours, especially if it is out off a beach!

This love of water has produced my favourite colour of blue/green, but combine this with pink & maybe a dash of white & we have my all time favourite colour scheme.

I am a perfectiomist. Everything has to be just SO & I get frustrated when it doesn't happen. This has led to a lifetime of learning to make everthing perfect!

I love a challenge, makes me think ouside my square & usually sends me off to research something.

On the other hand, I am a scardy cat, & have to do my research really well before takling something new! This might have something to do with being a perfectionist, & wanting everthing to turn out right the first time.

Now it is time for me to tag seven people.

Margaret H
Sarah E

You have all been tagged!


Mandy said...

What a fascinating idea - thanks for tagging me.
I have enjoyed reading your seven things. But what to write about myself............ I shall have to give it some thought.

Dianne said...

It doesn't suprise me your a perfectionist, with the intricate work you do you would have to be, it shows in all your work..
That little bug%*# tag me too LOL..