Thursday, May 03, 2007

A WISP Nearly Finished

There has been some talk about finishing WISP's ( works in slow progress). This is only one of my WISP's and it is not even the oldest.

It is however the first large quilt I ever started ( I remembered there is a cot quilt that is 23 years old & as yet not finished!). So far this quilt has been 15 years in the making & I pulled it out about 3 weeks ago & decided it was time to finish it.

The fun part has been the quilting. I decided I would try to free machine quilt it with a traditional design . Never again! There are so many ends to end off!!!!!!! The FMQ has certainly been an experience! I have done FME before but doing it on an A4 size & on a 60" square quilt are two different things!

Oh well, it should be finished very soon, only 11 squares left to quilt, end off all the ends, then bind it. Time then to tick another WISP off my ever growing list!


NormaH said...

Hee, hee, hee ..... been there done that with the FMQ .... only on baby quilts now.
Love your quilt!!!! My WISPs being ticked off are much smaller projects as I can't quite bring myself to work on one of the larger ones. One of these days!

Nola said...

I always think that FMQ is easier than quilting with a walking foot, but the ends on traditional designs *are* annoying! It will all be worth it once you see it finished, though.