Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Filet Dragonfly

Behold my filet dragonfly! I am very proud of him as he is my own. Drawn on paper, transferred to a graph, then worked onto my own hand made mesh.

The mesh is made by drawing two threads, leaving two threads, in a pattern, both vertical and horrizontal. The remaining threads are then whipped together for strength. Making  this mesh takes time.

Using my dragonfly graph, I then worked out a weaving plan for linen stitch. This weaving plan has to be precise, as one incorrect turn of the needle, or one skipped over or under, will throw the rhythm of the linen stitch out.

Watch this space as there will be more filet to come.


Brenda said...

I have always admired this type of work but must admit, I have never done it myself.
Can be the first to say:


Jennifer said...

This is beautiful and your Reticella pieces make me swoon! Can you please direct me to a good tutorial online or in print for Reticella, one you can recommend as accessible? I am so anxious to learn but cannot find any sources. I've tried to find a teacher in the U.S. but not sure any exist. :-/ Thanks in advance! I just found your blog and am pouring over it. So many beautiful, inspiring works!

Sarah Ellis said...

Wow, girl, you rock! LOVE LOVE LOVEyour talent and your sharing...thank you for your continued inspiration!!!