Friday, January 19, 2018

A Falcon Castle Tin

My next tin is a Falcon and Castle one. Not sure where this one came from, it could have come from my Mum's, or it could have come from a gift  somewhere way back when. I have a feeling it came from my Mum.

The sides of the tin and also the rim holds lists of ingredients in a few different languages. I can see English,  figure out French, maybe German, and what seems to be Arabic.

It used to house chocolates and toffees which had originated in Germany.

These are for sale on the net too but only for a few dollars.

I remember this tin holding my Perle embroidery threads way back in the early 1980's. I didn't have many then, I was only just introduced to them at the time.  I was doing  the creative correspondence course back then, through the Embroiderer's Guild here in Sydney, and they used to send thread packages to use in the exercises . I remember being sent lots of new to me threads, the Perles being just one of many.

 Now this tin  still holds threads, but an assortment of different odd bits & pieces. There are some Perle 5's, some old Semco stranded, some old Broda No 4, some leftover Minnamurra hand dyed stranded, and even some little square mirror tiles! Sounds like this tin needs to be sorted.

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