Monday, August 03, 2009

Bedfordshire Edge 4

I have finally finished another sample of bobbin lace. This time it is Pattern 4 from the Pamela Nottingham book "Bedfordshire Lace Making". I have tried a different thread, Finca No 60, & at first I thought it was a little fine, but now that it is finished it looks OK. It is after all just a sample, and gives me an idea how different threads react, and work up. On the right fabric, this edge could look very pretty.
I tried so hard to get the pins in the right place on the footside edge, but still managed to miss one. I also thought I took special care with my picots not to get them caught around other pins, but missed one of those big time. I'll have to look for other ways to keep check on these points. Any ideas out there from other bobbin lace makers?


MargB said...

This is really gorgeous Jenny. You have certainly advanced in bedfordshire - you sent me to my book to look at the pricking.I really love it in your fine thread.

alarttex said...

Hello Jenny
I like your bobbin laces!! is very fine and delicate!

Maria del Valle