Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Wessex Bookmark - A WISP Finished

It is amazing what one finds in a clean-up. Last week I was sorting through some "stuff" & found none other than another three WISPs. The above bookmark is one of those three. Stitching all done, just patiently waiting for a backing & to be fringed. Mmmmm............ just a few minutes work. I wonder why I left it so long?

Wessex Stitchery, worked onto my own hand dyed even weave linen, using a mix of Perle 8 & stranded threads.

One WISP finished, just approx 50 to go. Now that's a scarry thought.


MargB said...

this is beautiful Jenny

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love this type of work ... very pretty. But what is a WISP?

laura_rose said...

I love your work...but I think I do better with bobbins :) WISP = Work Is Slow Process??

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

I have searched to find samples of Wessex Stitchery so was pleased to find you through Google - thanks for sharing this.
I just attempted a mini sampler in WS and hope to do more - pic on my Flickr stream. Connie, UK