Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well it has been some time since I added to this. I guess that is because I was busy getting all my course work finished and hung for presentation and assesment. I might add at this point that I have been getting great feedback about my work and I received a Grade 1 pass for it all. That was the highest level pass that they gave so I am pretty happy.

When that was all over it was a case of getting ready for Christmas & holidays away. I spent a wonderful week at Forster on the N.S.W North Coast which was soooooooooooo relaxing! Normal deal, long walks, swimming ( well maybe dipping the toes in as the water was freezing at this stage!) eating out, sleeping, reading and of course some stitching. The body just needed to STOP after a very busy year and it was the perfect week.

This is the breakwall at the entrance to the Lakes where we would walk nearly every day. It was very common to see the dolphins swimming here and one morning we saw some snorkelers riding the currents. It was amazing to watch them as the currents were moving so fast. I'm
glad they waited for the tide to come in!

If we continued to walk up the breakwall we would come to the bridge that goes across to Tuncurry. Sometimes we have walked across here & have seen turtles & stingrays swimming in the water. There are always fish & pelicans to be to be seen. The water in the center is the beginnings of the lakes.

This is the main beach at about 8am. We would walk along here, up over that headland right up to the next headland. There are lots of beautiful vantage points along the way to take in the views, lots of seats to just sit & take it all in. In the past at the right time of the year we have seen whales swimming off that end headland. The walk to the end headland takes a while but the view is worth it. You can see for miles in over 180 degree spans!

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Dianne said...

THANKS for the pics, they are fantastic, what a wonderful place for you to get your well deserved realaxtion.. The flowers are awesome nothing like that here and how sweet is that baby bird..
Thanks again I loved looking at the pics...