Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stitching Sisters Band Sampler

Even though I have been away on holidays it doesn't mean I neglected my stitching. This is for a Counted Band Sampler Round Robin I have joined in with an on-line stitching group for the next 18 months. There are 9 of us in it with two months given to stitch our bands.
I have decided that each band will be of my own design and hopefully stretch me in some way.
This one is my own designs and it is the first time I have done one of the filling stitches. It also gave me a chance to practice my doves eyes that I learnt last year and realize that I need to practice my picots.
The threads are also some of my own hand dyed ones.

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molly jean said...

I am a lurker on the Fabric Colorist group and enjoyed looking at your blog. The drawn work is beautiful! I am a sometimes weaver and in the long ago I did some drawn type stitching on the loom similar to this style embroidery, just a sample never a whole piece. Molly Jean Henson