Saturday, January 13, 2007

Band RR book Cover

Since I came back home I have been working on a book cover for the band RR. It has been digitized and stitched out on my sewing machine onto hand dyed calico.
I started working on this last year and I was trying to achieve a blackwork look by machine. It sort of worked but the positions of the stitches leave a little to be desired and to change that I would have to change the whole outline of the letters. That would mean basically starting from scratch and I did not want to do that.
It was done on my Artista program & I have a lot of learning to do on that one!


Dianne said...

The book cover looks good to me with your hand dyed calico, so are you doin this for the band RR?
I'm sure you'll have fun learning the Artista programme.. Great to see you back......

Christine said...

Hi Jenny, as always, your cover looks fabulous. How big is your journal? I didn't want to make mine too heavy because of overseas postage. You probably posted about it on the Group, but I'm shocking at searching for previous posts! My band is finished, just need to get the journal together and then I can post it. Looking forward to this!! Missmuffet.

katiejayinpa said...

very cool!