Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Lace Gum Leaf

This is the second gum leaf I have done in bobbinlace. As with the first one, the holes are deliberate. I played with swapping the bobbins around a little to get the colours to move around like they might in a real leaf. Looks much better in colour, don't you think? This one used a variety of threads too, perle 12, perle 8, linen, metalic machine thread ( horrible stuff). Yeh! All the linen thread is now off my bobbins & I have thoughts on how to use the green left overs.

I've spent the last two days sorting out my bobbin lace folder. I had lots of back copies of lace magazines that were taking up way too much space. I have pulled out all the "keep" pages, placed them in plastic sleeves & moved the remainder on. So now my folder has more space and all the patterns are easilly visible. Lots of inspiration & many hours of entertainment.

I wonder what will appear here next?

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Joan Elizabeth said...

This is really lovely. This is one craft I know I will never take up but doesn't stop me admiring it!