Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Practicing

It was my local lace goup day just over a week ago & I had no lace on my pillow to take. Ooops! So I gathered together some bobbins that had some leftover thread, the spool of matching thread, some empty bobbins and a pricking that I had not worked in a long time. It was a sample piece from when I was having lessons a few years back and I thought that it would make a simple book mark to give away at our open day comming up. I needed the notes too as it had been quite a while. So armed with my bag full of goodies I toddled off to my lace meeting.
Did I say I took my notes? Of course I did, the problem was they were the wrong notes for the pricking I had taken. Mmmmmmm.......... that made me have to think didn't it! I worked it out though & here you see just part of the piece. There are lots of joins, ( consequence of using left over wound bobbins) a fringed end on one end & a bunched up lot of knots on the other. Definately not bookmark material, it will hit a dye pot at some stage and maybe go on a piece of crazy patchwork somewhere someday.
The upside is that I have bown out some more cobwebs regarding my bobbin lace.

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