Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Scissor Case

The sewing group that I mentioned in my last post made scissor cases back in April and they were asked for this month so they could all be photographed. So at the last minute once again, I whipped up this one. The pattern was supplied, and the idea was to cut an outer fabric & a lining fabric, stitch right sides together leaving an opening so that it could be turned through. Once turned through, the case was then folded ( & stitched) into shape, giving a pocket for larger scissors & a smaller pocket for something else.

Mmm....... I could do better than this. My original plans were to do something fantastic, like some digitizing, but the month got away & I found myself with just one day left to make it. So I layered two fabrics together with some pellon between, free machine quilted all over, cut to shape, then bound. Wallah! New scissor case. I'd still like to do another one, maybe with some bobbin lace trim, or some digitizing on it somewhwere. We'll see.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I like to see what you are up to. So fun to see a new post appear today. I didn't have a clue what you meant by digitising so did a search on your blog and found plenty on the topic.

My sister is visiting and has been knitting a scarf, I think I am about to catch the bug and start knitting one too. It's perfect weather for sitting in front of a fire knitting.

Gina said...

Oh! This is cool and I just had a brain flash....could even have a 3rd pocket, right? I'm always adapting things to tatting and I can see this as a scissors holder, crochet hook holder, and shuttle holder all in one. I think. Might switch the scissors and hook pocket since typically, the scissors used for tatting are small. I like this!