Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Last RR Sampler

Look what arrived in the mail!. It is the last of the counted thread RR samplers for the Stitching Sisters Group that I have to work on. This one belongs to Margaret and I have ideas already for what I want to do. I have picked out colours of threads & sort of narrowed down a technique & a design, all I have to do now is graph it out & start stitching. So watch this space to see what eventuates.


Mandy said...

I'm certainly looking forward to what you come up with Jenny. It'll be worth waiting for, that I do know.

Joan Elizabeth said...

How exciting. I look forward to see what emerges from your creative needle.

Iêda Klein said...

Jenny, fiquei encantada com seu blog.
Sou professora e trabalho muito com Hardanger, bordando em cânhamo.
Estarei estare sempre poa aqui
Beijos, Iêda