Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy New Year & 2010 Review

A few days late I know, but I would like to thank all my readers & wish you all a very happy, joyous, prosperous, & productive 2011.

In the past, I have usually set myself challenges for each New Year, but in review, I usually set myself too many and then get disappointed when I don't finish them. So this year I am going to go with the flow, and go just wherever my needle decides to take me.

My 2010 review reads like this:-
Challenges set 4, challenges achieved 1 ( to reduce the WISP file)
Pieces started 13
Pieces finished 10, one of which was a UFO

So what does this all mean? More WISP'S of course, something I do not need.

However one of the pieces I did start & finish in 2010 was this Christmas decoration. I like to make a new one every year, and I managed to make a few of these to give to family & friends. It is playing on the Teneriffe lace theme again, set into a gold ring & hung with gold ribbon. I wonder what my new decoration for 2011 will be. You will all have to watch this space to find out.


laura_rose said...

Love your decoration Jenny. I gave up on New Year goals a few years ago, but I suspect that the goals I set myself for this year without a deadline may become Phd's for next year...the list is rather long!! Good luck with your Wisps :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely site. I have tried and failed with the art of tatting. My paternal grandmother tatted and quilted. Can do the latter and will be taking another lesson, after many years former tatting lessons. Took from 2 different teachers. The first one was terrible and the second one was wonderful, however, due to illness I put it away, therefore it is time to renew my interest.

Hugs to Lucky. Also have a black and white cat - Fiona. She is going to be 16 this summer. Aren't animals a blessing?

Denver, Colorado USA

Guzzisue said...

Hi, I thought it was time to dig out the lace pillow again, I have spent so much time knitting and being invoved with the shop that I needed to do something a bit different again :-)