Sunday, March 11, 2007

At long last! I finally have my own PC back with all my favourite programs installed. Now why would I not have it you all ask? Well, it is like this. The last day of summer (February 28th) littereally went out with a BANG!

The bang was created by a huge thunderstorm which decided it wanted to light up my backyard with a lightning strike. The lightning hit a huge gum tree in our neighbours yard, splattering the bark all over our yard, and putting a split in the tree.

These pics were taken the next day and you might think they are a bit fuzzy. In fact the fuzz is caused by the fog that we had, heralding in the first day of Autumn. Such a contrast to the day before.

The SES guys came to check out the tree & said it had to come down. YIPPEE!!!!! We were all dancing! No more gum leaves to clog up our gutters & drains & more sun for my orange tree to grow! So here are a few pics of the guys cutting down the massive gum tree.

The red rectangle at the bottom of the pic is the roof of our neighbour's 2 story house, and the little orange spec in the middle of the pic is the brave man who was cutting the tree down!

The storm also took out a few electrical items in our house including our internet connection & router. So for the last 10 days I have been begging, borrowing & stealing the use of someone elses PC.

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Mandy said...

Thank goodness that enormous tree didn't fall during that dreadful storm. It must have caused endless problems with all those leaves....
Those pictures are really dramaatic giving a good idea of the scale of everything. Thanks for posting them.
Its so nice to have you back on line again.