Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crochet Collar

How beautiful is this? It is a hand crochet collar that I have been given as an early birthday present. It just has to be seen to be believed!

I have done some digging & found out that it has been made by a lady named Nancy, now deceased, probably dates back to the 1940's and has been made using sewing machine weight thread. I have seen lots of crochet work in my time, I even have drawers full of doileys that have been made by both grandmothers & my mother & myself, but I have never seen anything as fine as this. I am awe as to the creativity, patience & eyesight of the maker. I personally think the piece belongs in a museum somewhere, but while I walk this earth it will stay in my possesion. I have plans to have it framed to hang on my wall so that it can be admired by everyone.

I know it is Irish Crochet, something that I have not done, but now want to do with a vengence.

Do you all think I wll be all the envy of my textile friends? I think so, & I cannot wait to do show & tell at my next lace meeting.


Mandy said...

Jenny, it is beautiful.
Would it be worth taking advice about conserving it, so that you can frame it safely? Sorry, you probably know an awful lot about that already. As you were saying, it really deserves eventually to be in a museum - but not for a very long time.................

Nola said...

Wow just unbelievable! How can someone work so finely? Definitely something to treasure!

NormaH said...

Definately museum quality. Your own private museum that is! A very dedicated stitcher, the maker of this collar.