Thursday, November 29, 2007

Personal Challenges

Well, it is less than a month to Christmas, (view my decoration made for 2007 above) & even less time untill I go on holidays again. So it is that time of the year that I start to plan for next year. OK, so what is on my personal agenda for 2008 ?

A wedding - one wedding gown & three bridesmaids dresses, due late in the year but planning has already started.

Two quilts, both 'big birthday' presents. One has already been started but a long way from being finished. Mmmmm........time is running out. The second is due later in the year (around the time of the wedding) but has not even been designed yet! Ouch............... have to get a wriggle on!

A piece of Reticella, like what I did here, just a bigger piece & a different design. The planning of this piece is just about finished & I might even get to put needle in fabric some time this week. Yippee! This will be my holiday stitching, and January, and February, and March and..............

Then there is the Filet Work that I want to try. You know, net based fabric with embroidery & needleweaving, very geometric, very me.

Enough challenges you all think? Of course not! Last Tuesday I was doing a little blog surfing & came accross Sharon B's "Take it Further Challenge. " You can read about it here. Well, being a sucker for a challenge, as well as wanting to be able to interpret design into stitches, and extend my design capabilities, I have signed up for the challenge.

What HAVE I done! Oh well, you all have something to look foreward to seeing here in 2008

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Dianne said...

The Christmad bell looks beautiful love the color, it looks very rich.. Well my dear I hope you have a wonderful time away for the holidays.. Lots of love to you..