Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Reticella

I just thought I would share with you all my latest stitching sample. I have worked this in preparation for a major piece I want to do. The sample was to test out a new design, plus different borders & corners. The sample has now served it's purpose, I have made decisions, & the major piece has been started. Yippee! Holiday stitching here we come. Watch this space for a pic of the real piece, sometime in 2008.


Gina said...

Beautiful work! This is something I've been wanting to try. I know who to go to now with questions!
:-) Gina

Tenar said...

This is so beautiful! Reticella is one of the many things I want to try when I find the time for it. I like to do more simple openwork very much.

verobirdie said...

How beautiful! This is going to be a great piece!

Dianne said...

Holy Moly this is just brilliant..
Hope you have a fabulous Christmas Tooooooo
Big Hugs Dianne

Arc'Hant Alarch said...

Your Work is very beautiful!!

Maria del Valle said...

I discovery through your blog, your beautiful work, really congratulations!!! This is another embroidery that I want to learn how to do.
Dear Jenny, was put your blog, on my blogroll.
(Excuse me by to the use the english lenguaje)

hélène Rouèche said...

real wonderful work! I do drawn and pull threads but I do not feel capable to do so important work. Do you count the numbers of hours?