Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Top Done

This is another quilt for charity, a combined effort from myself & another lady. M******* put together the appliques, & cut & assembled the patchwork corner blocks. I have stitched the appliques, pieced the squares & added the borders. The design has come from a Patchwork & Stitching Annual magazine Vol 8 No 10. It still needs to be sandwiched with batting & backing, then quilted & bound. The progress of this quilt so far can be found here & here.  It has been made only from scraps, mostly poly cottons. I prefer 100% cotton for quilts  but I guess someone will love it no matter what it is made from.

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Linda said...

You have been busy Jenny, love the little quilt. Hope the it finishes well. I am of the same mind, ie could live without poly/cotton, but as you say, each to their own. I've had to put my premmie quilts on hold, other irons in the fire. Cheers.