Monday, March 19, 2012

A Crochet Experiment

Last year I had a lovely day with my friend M____ in the City shopping for yarn. As we walked into one store, I spotted a lovely scarf that was just crocheted squares joined together. At first glance they were Granny Squares, but on closer  inspection they were a little different than the usual Granny Square. I could have bought the pattern, or made a sketch & figured it out myself, but I came to the conclusion that any motif would work. So home I came, & ventured through all my Mum's crochet magazines (that I now have) looking for an appropriate motif pattern. I found heaps in my search, including one triangular one which I thought could prove interesting & different. In the end it was too big, so I modified it down to what you see above.

I set about crocheting the motifs in a cheap & nasty variegated acrylic yarn, then had fun trying to join them all together. I still have yarn left but feel that the scarf is long enough, especially as I feel it needs a "finish" on the ends. What the finish will be I have no idea, as I feel a fringe is not quite right. Any one got any suggestions?

I wouldn't mind making another one, but next time in something finer & much better quality.


Linda said...

It looks lovely Jenny. The triangular motifs make a pleasant change. Sorry, can't suggest anything for the ends at this stage. I'm not big on fringes, as I feel they always get in the way!! Take care.

Cathy said...

I really like it as it is- sorry to disagree but it looks perfect as it is!

PIE-314 said...

I really like this! Such a pretty pattern!

Radka said...

What a lovely scarf, interesting pattern :)