Friday, November 04, 2016

Art Journal Pg 3

I have been continuing to use pen work in my journal every day, only a few minutes mind you, but still every day.This is my page three.

This page started with a wash of tea and coffee dregs. Somewhere I had read about using coffee washes on paper, why not? I had tea washed fabric before, why not paper? So when making my first cuppa for the day, I placed the sodden tea bag in a bowl. My plan was to drag it over the page, but them I spied the coffee pot from the previous night which still had to be emptied. I emptied it in with the tea bag. This gave me a dirty coloured cold liquid with which I could paint.

When the page was dry, I did notice that the page had gone crinkly (as paper does when it's been wet), but also some of the colour had seeped through to the other side of the page. This is the colour that showed on my page two. Note to self, read how to avoid this.

As I had started with putting numbers on my pages, I thought that the best idea was to continue, so number three became a reality, just a single line at first. Then came the parsley seed head. It had been calling out to me to draw it for some time, so I did. Then I added the word 'Parsley' following the curve of the number three. Form there the page took on a life of it's own.

I am finding it interesting that a page of doodling can have a life of it's own, and that 'things' cry out to be drawn. Just like my stitching really. My stitching talks to me quite often and tells me what it needs, these pages are doing the same. Must be just part of the same creative process.

My page four has been started, I wonder where that will lead.

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